Generally music has a vital role in every human being and also it is the part of human culture.

I like classic melody; it usually has a slow rhythm and a pleasant melody which gives me immense pleasure and plenty of happiness. Over and over again that usually I feel fresh. Moreover I like singing, especially in front of many people. I habitually sing for my friends. When they praise me, I feel cheerful.

I really only listen to classical music .To be honest with you I don’t like rock music and modern music. I find modern music quite unbearable. It is just a feasible noise as far as I am concerned.

In my opinion, it is necessary to open a music course in junior school. This is regularly three or four hours each week used for teaching. The teacher who can teach students easily because children have more flexible fingers and they are more likely to find the correct feeling. Furthermore the teacher who can rise a new generation who likes music.

Indian Karnatic music is one of the oldest music in the world compare the symphony of western countries. But it is the smallest piece. However, an occasional listening to music, gives afresh mind and also desirable to every one


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