My wife and I visited Nilgiris District last month. Our plan was to visit some important place of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu State. It is the land of eucalyptus and acacia.

Ooty and Coonoor are important places in Nilgiris. Ooty is the biggest town which is famous for eucalyptus oil and herbs. Coonoor is the land of flowers and it is also known as Southern Switzerland in India. Both are the greatest tourist centre of foreigners.

We could see modernization everywhere. The tourists visit the places where the bus taken. The hills and valleys are really thrills the Tourists.

We spent a lot of time at Dodabbetta which is known as highest peak point in South India and it is famous for suicidal point. We enjoyed the scenic beauty. I noticed an important thing that there were no pollution and plastic materials.

Lake (boat house) is another important tourist place. But the people throw plastic bootless carelessly and the water is polluted. We spent two hours at the lake and we had boating. It is surrounding by Green Mountain and thick forest.

Botanical garden is the thrilling place. It is quit in the evening. I will never forget the time we spent there. It was very romantic.

Nilgiris are also well-known for its large area of thick stone forest and mountains. Sadly, 30% to 40% forest has been destroyed; some places are facing water scarcity. Many places are neglected and destroyed by the visitors.


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