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My name is Shamsudheen.I am 32 years old.I am Indian,from Kerala.I am a teacher working in a school.My favorite colour is blue.My favorite sports are football and cricket.I am interested in art. My family is a typical family in India.There are grand parents,parents,a elder brother,two sisters,my wife and I live in my family.


My wife and I visited Nilgiris District last month. Our plan was to visit some important place of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu State. It is the land of eucalyptus and acacia.

Ooty and Coonoor are important places in Nilgiris. Ooty is the biggest town which is famous for eucalyptus oil and herbs. Coonoor is the land of flowers and it is also known as Southern Switzerland in India. Both are the greatest tourist centre of foreigners.

We could see modernization everywhere. The tourists visit the places where the bus taken. The hills and valleys are really thrills the Tourists.

We spent a lot of time at Dodabbetta which is known as highest peak point in South India and it is famous for suicidal point. We enjoyed the scenic beauty. I noticed an important thing that there were no pollution and plastic materials.

Lake (boat house) is another important tourist place. But the people throw plastic bootless carelessly and the water is polluted. We spent two hours at the lake and we had boating. It is surrounding by Green Mountain and thick forest.

Botanical garden is the thrilling place. It is quit in the evening. I will never forget the time we spent there. It was very romantic.

Nilgiris are also well-known for its large area of thick stone forest and mountains. Sadly, 30% to 40% forest has been destroyed; some places are facing water scarcity. Many places are neglected and destroyed by the visitors.



Clothes are very important part of human life and also inevitable in the modern life. Different nations have different clothes and different clothes represent different culture.

All people who like their life to be filled with variety of color and comfort by wearing costume. I like often cotton clothes because it is not only cheap but also convenient to wear in all climates. In addition, I think it is more economical.

I do not like some other clothes such as woolen, silky and cotton mixed clothes, because which are not convenient to wear in all climates. For instance silky clothes have a tendency to absorb heat directly from sunlight. It may be lead to skin cancer.

In our locality, the older people think a lot of style quality of materials. But youngsters would like to follow the fashion or recent trend of clothes.

However, the personality of a person depends upon his clothe that mean the clothes can change entire personality of a person.


There is some discrimination against women in every country especially in developing countries. For example, women who doing exactly the same job as men are getting smaller salaries. Women are not considered for certain high level position, like for example, in government.

 In addition, in many communities, women are still regarded as inferior to men. This is particularly case in the rural communities’ .Also parents prefer to have a boy as opposed to a girl. This is an unhealthy situation, as it will disturb the balance between the number of men and women in the nations.

Causes of sex discrimination

First of all, I would like to highlight the fact that men often determine the wages in the companies. Secondly, women are not seen as able to certain jobs as well as men. For instance, construction work has always been seen as a man job. Moreover many men still believe that women should stay at home, raise the kids, and are of services to her husband.

I believe that discriminations against women have deep deep-rooted in societies all over the world .In the other words; it is not a present day phenomenon. Throughout history women have not enjoyed the same status as men .It is only recently that women have been filling the same positions in the work please .Lastly, I believe that it will take much more time to eradicate this practice.


Women are the backbone of human society and any attempt to strengthen human society must begin with the improvement of the quality of women. Their participation in the family as well as in social group will be effective only if they are educated.


Generally music has a vital role in every human being and also it is the part of human culture.

I like classic melody; it usually has a slow rhythm and a pleasant melody which gives me immense pleasure and plenty of happiness. Over and over again that usually I feel fresh. Moreover I like singing, especially in front of many people. I habitually sing for my friends. When they praise me, I feel cheerful.

I really only listen to classical music .To be honest with you I don’t like rock music and modern music. I find modern music quite unbearable. It is just a feasible noise as far as I am concerned.

In my opinion, it is necessary to open a music course in junior school. This is regularly three or four hours each week used for teaching. The teacher who can teach students easily because children have more flexible fingers and they are more likely to find the correct feeling. Furthermore the teacher who can rise a new generation who likes music.

Indian Karnatic music is one of the oldest music in the world compare the symphony of western countries. But it is the smallest piece. However, an occasional listening to music, gives afresh mind and also desirable to every one

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